Monday, December 17, 2007

The Demon Band: Chapter 4

Richard rushed around the apartment, desperately trying to find the card with Alex’s insurance information.
“Where is it?” He muttered under his breath.
Tara seemed more worried, which was odd since she only knew him for three days.
“Oh no. Oh no! This is bad!” She kept yelling out as she ran around frantically.
“Calm down Tara, he’s fine.”
“How hurt is he, Richard?”
“The guy on the phone said that he was fine except one of his fingers was ripped off, but they can sew it back on.”
At this, Tara became even more worried.
“Oh no, it’s too late!” She yelled.
It was then that Alex found the card.
“Found it!” He shouted as he began to stand up.
“All right, lets-” He stopped. “Tara?” He looked around.
Tara was gone.

Richard rushed to the hospital, ignoring Tara’s odd disappearance. When he finally got there, he was directed up to Alex’s room.
“So, how long are you going to be here?” Asked Richard.
“Two days, I’m going into surgery soon. What took so long?” Alex responded.
“I had trouble getting your insurance info.”
“By the way, Tara was acting weird, and then she just disappeared.”
“Who?” Asked Alex.
When Richard heard that he wanted to shoot himself.
“I swear to god, you have gone insane.” He said to himself before he exploded in rage. “Tara! Your girlfriend!”
Alex looked confused.
“You mean that girl from the other night? Why was she at our place, and why do you think she’s my girlfriend?” He asked.
Richard rubbed his head. It was then that he looked at Alex and noticed a change. (Other than the missing finger.) His eyes were back to normal! That was when he knew what to do.
“Do you remember kissing her?”
“Do you at least remember walking her home?”
“What was her address?”
Alex wrote it down and Richard left as he was prepped for surgery.
It took Richard a while to find the apartment building. When he did, he went in and spoke to the manager.
“Hi, a friend of mine lives in apartment 9 can you tell me where it is?” He asked.
“Apartment 9? No one lives in apartment 9 but a rat.” The manager responded.
Richard had just walked out when it hit him.
“Duh!” He said to himself before he walked back inside and asked for the key to apartment.
When he got up to the apartment, he unlocked the door and saw Tara looking like she was going to cry but couldn’t. (He didn’t know that she really couldn’t)
She looked up and saw him staring at her.
“So you figured it out then?” She asked.
“Then you know that there is no hope for this world.”
“What? No. I thought that by ‘it’ you meant that ‘a rat’ it Tara backwards.”
“I suppose you might as well know.”
Tara slowly took the strange, mummy-like, wrappings off of her arms. And her real arms were truly frightening. They looked withered, old, dead. And on her palms were two eyes, staring out at him.
“Have fun.”
She approached him and placed her exposed palms over each of his eyes.
“This should be a jolting experience for you.” She told him as he was stunned and confused.

There was a bright flash and everything went black.

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