Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preview - Everything's Magic

This is a preview of chapter uno!

“So,” Dad said, “you’re gay.” “Uh huh.” Jeph, my brother, whispered. “Ow!” He cried out as our dad struck him. “Fine, but you better not bring any of your little boyfriends in my house.” Then he turned away and left the room. “I’m going out!” He yelled from downstairs. Well, I thought, I hope he doesn’t come home drunk again. Ever since Mom died, Dad would go out drinking almost every night. This usually ended up in him coming home in a drunken rage and sometimes beating either me or Jeph. We didn’t like that (obviously). We once considered running away, but we realized we had nowhere to go but our Aunt Susan’s, and we really don’t like her all that much. She smells, she keeps forgetting our names (she calls us Amelia and Richard!), and her house is so small, it can’t fit fifteen people in it without being crowded.

So yeah. That's just a little preview. I'll post some info of it on the random peoples blog.