Saturday, October 20, 2007

Everything's Magic Chapter Two


"Jeph, what do you want for lunch?" I called. "Nothing," He called back, "I'll make myself a sandwich in an hour or so." "Okay." I began making myself a salad while I listened to my new CD that Jeph bought me for my birthday. Dad never buys us anything anymore, he just watches TV, drink, sleep, basically nothing. As I said before, I practically have to do everything. Jeph's friend, who's 18, picks us up sometimes to go shopping at the local grocery store. So that's good.

I finished eating my salad and went up to Jeph's room to see what he was doing. "Jeph?" I asked. "Whatcha doin'?" He looked up from his journal and smiled at me. "Nothing much," he said, "I was thinking of going over to Ronnie's house to play some video games or something. You wanna come with?" I nodded and went downstairs to get my jacket and my shoes on. He met me at the door with his coat in one hand and a book in the other. "What's the book for?" I asked. "It's Liam's, I promised I'd bring it to him." He answered. We walked out the door to see Liam, Ronnie's older brother, waiting in front of his car. "Hey Jeph, Lee." He said. We got in the car and began driving towards the Walker's house, about 7 miles away. "So," Liam said, "how have you guys been?" "Bored like hell." Jeph said. Liam mumbled something as we parked a block away from his house, seeing as all of the spaces were taken up for some reason. "You can leave the book in the car." Liam told Jeph as we got out. "I won't really need it until later." We walked to the house and opened the door to see a very happy Ronnie jump on Jeph. "Jephy!" He giggled. "I misseded you!" He then proceeded to give me a huge bear hug, nearly suffocating me. "Ronnie!" I chocked out. "Can't breath!" "Sorry!" He quickly released me and ran into the other room. "Guys, come in here!" He yelled.

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