Thursday, November 8, 2007

Demon Band: Chapter 2

Sorry for not putting up a chapter lately


Chapter 2

The phone rang. Alex answered it.
“Hello, this is Alex.”
“What? Thanks.” He hung up
“Richard!” He yelled. “We’ve got a gig tomorrow!”
“Cool.” Richard replied.

The next day they went down to the club they were playing at. It was called “Electricita” The walls were all black and the floor was red.
Nothing much happened during the show, the crowd liked them, they got free food, the really important thing happened while they were walking home.

“Alex” said Richard “There’s someone following us.”
Alex looked behind them.
A black and blue haired girl was walking behind them. She was wearing a long black skirt that seemed to be twisted around her in every way. The oddest thing was her arms, they were covered in a strange wrapping that went up under her sleeves, it looked like they were mummified.
“Hi guys!” She yelled to them “Wait for me!”
“Is she nuts?” Richard asked.
The girl caught up with them. “My name’s Tara! You rock!”
“Hi Tara, nice to meet you” Said Alex.
That night Tara came home with them, Richard watched TV but Alex and Tara left to hang out. Alex fell asleep, and he had no idea what would happen the next day.

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