Friday, November 30, 2007

The Demon Band: Chapter 3

Richard awoke at eight in the morning to Alex slamming the door as he came in.
“Were you gone all night?” Asked Richard.
“Yeah, Tara and I went shopping.” Replied Alex.
Richard couldn’t see clearly for the first few minutes. Once his eyes adjusted, he saw the big difference.
“What happened to your eyes?” Richard yelled.
Alex’s eyes were very different. Where they had once been blue they were now a black so dark it was frightening.
“What are you talking about?” Said Alex.
They walked over to the bathroom mirror.
“I don’t see anything.” Said Alex.
“Are you insane?”
“Look, I had better go home.”
Alex walked out the door. Richard rushed out after him.
“You live here!” He yelled down the hall.
Alex turned around and looked at him.
“Oh, okay.” Said Alex as he walked back.

Richard was confused all day, especially during their practice. Alex played like a drunken pig.
“What is wrong with you?” Asked Richard.
“My fingers feel bigger for some reason.”
“Okay, what happened last night?”
“Well if you really must know, we kissed!”
“You heard me. By the way, Tara is coming over tomorrow.”
Richard decided to accept the inexplicable change.

The next day, when Tara was at their place, Alex went out to get some food. He had been gone for an hour.
“Where is he?” Asked Tara
The phone rang and Richard answered it.
“Hello. Yes. What!”
He turned his head to Tara.
“Alex was hit by a car!”

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