Friday, November 30, 2007

Everything's Magic Chapter 4

The drive home was silent. I glanced over to Jeph, who was glaring out the window. The clock in the car read 10:54. Dad would be home, and we would be in deep trouble. Jeph didn't stand a chance against him and neither did I. We would both probably get knocked out in one or two hits. Jeph had already gotten beaten up by some jerks on the way to get Liam's stupid book, and I was falling asleep.

In the drivers seat, Liam glanced nervously at the two of us. He and Ronnie are the only people that know what our dad puts us through, and they would do anything to keep us safe. He knows that if our dad's home, then we could possibly get seriously injured... Or worse. Suddenly, the shrill ring of his phone disturbed the silence. "Hey Ronnie." He said into the reciever. "What's up? Yeah, we're a few blocks away from their place. They're fine. Leah's shaking, though." I'm shaking? Didn't realize that. "Don't worry, I'll be home soon. Gosh, you're such a kid sometimes." I thought I saw Jeph smile at the remark. "Okay, okay, I know, you don't have to tell me again. Yeah, sure. Bye." He hung up and turned on to our street. I saw that the lights in our house were off. Good and bad. That means that Dad's either not home, he's sleeping, or he's actually using his brain and he devised a plan.

We pulled up and got out of the car. I helped Jeph up to the front steps and we both waved goodbye to Liam, who drove off. I fumbled with the house key around my neck and finally opened the door. Well. Dad used his brain. He was sitting in the armchair in the living room, waiting for us. He grinned, got up, and came over to where we were standing. "Well," He began, "looks like the little kiddies have been out late. You know what this means. I see it in your eyes. Fear. I guess we should get this over with." His fist smashed against Jeph's chest, and he was taken out instantly. Then he turned to me. I was thrown against the stairs and, in seconds, blacked out.

This happens almost every week. We're getting sick of it. I think it's time to escape.

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