Friday, October 19, 2007

Very Duarte and the Below Ones

Very Duarte and the Below Ones....

Main Characters:
Isolde "Is" Taylor- 14. A curvy, redheaded girl with grey-blue eyes. She is pretty sure that Very Duarte exists. If she does, Very Duarte is Is' best friend.

Very Duarte- 14. An angsty young girl who may or may not exist. Very has been in thirty movies, all very popular in France, but literally unheard of in America. She has bright pink hair, lime green eyes, and lots of freckles. She's Is' best friend. And probably does exist. Very drags Is into a schism she is having with the Below Ones.

Thomas Taylor- 13. Is' younger brother. He is sure that Very doesn't exist. Until Is shows him a Below One. Then he is in cahoots with Is and Very in the fight against the Below Ones.

Secondary Characters:
Dr. Randall- 50something. Is' therapist. Very know that he is definitely a Below One because he wants Very to leave.

The Below Ones- Never age. Scary beings that live underground. And do exist. Really do.

Is isn't schizophrenic. Very is sure she isn't.

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